Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who can define the Love ..?

Not only human being even animals expect love and affection. Since our birth mother gives love for us. Then so many people gather to offer love for us due to our personality, attractive internal and external attributes and behaviors. There are differences between the love of parents and love of partners. 

Love not includes sexy but includes egoism. Human beings can express love more successfully than animals. However most people become hate full when defeat from the love. But pure love is a sense with kind thoughts, not hateful thoughts. Lord Buddha has explained the transcendence of love. The famous psychologist, Sigmand Proid has written his ideas about love in books. A lover with a good understands of love never become enemy or discomfiture. It memorize the Sinhala song was written by Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne “Premaya nam ragayen thora sanda madala se achitayai”


  1. Adarayata Kamukathwayak ethi novana bava prakasha krnna amarui neda?
    " Adaraya yanu Ragayaen wasa gath salu potaki"
    ethkota me wakiyata mokada krnne?

  2. Aththatama adarayata kaamayath aithi thama.eheme nathi unoth adare karanna ekkenekui kaama rasaya widinna thawa kenekui oni wenawa.api kaama rasaya balaporoththu wenneth api adare karana kenagenma thamai neda??